Will Hollywood Lose Another Showcase?
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This classic single screen theatre still stands in Hollywood on LaBrea, South of Melrose.

True to its name, it really is a Showcase. Will it become the latest lost theatre in Los Angeles?

The Showcase was operated by Regent Theatres, a unit of Regent Entertainment Group, whose projects include a fine variety of independent films, as well as original programming for their Here! TV channel.

Here TV often premiered its new programming at the Regent Showcase.

An inviting lobby...

A good variety of reasonably priced snacks....

...that were apparently worth waiting in line for.

And when you had a little too much soda...

Or just needed a place to relax... the upstairs lounge was stocked with current periodicals.

Not only is the Showcase still a single screen venue, it also retaines the charm of a vintage theatre.

And it could still pack the house...

Regent booked an eclectic variety of programming, that was ultimately not enough of a draw.

While retaining its vintage theatrical atmosphere, The Showcase was equipped for both film and digital presentation.

The Showcase closed at the end of May, 2008, then reopened on June 6th with a double feature of films from Here! TV.  It was operated by Laemmle Theatres until the end of May 2009.  The challenges of keeping the Showcase open included a lack of nearby parking, and competition from numerous newer cinemas showing similar fare.   The empty marquee now offers the building for rent as a theatre or a showroom.  The future of the theatre is therefore uncertain.

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REGENT SHOWCASE THEATRE - 614 N. LaBrea Ave, South of Melrose, Los Angeles, CA