Reviewing the Moviegoing Experience
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"I don't want to go to a mini-plex multi-theatre!    It's not a theatre!  It's like a room where they bring in POWs to show 'em propaganda films!"

- Elaine, "Seinfeld" 

(If anyone knows the actual writer of this quote, please tell us so we can give due credit)

Cinema Sightlines was conceived in 2000 as an online resource for the discerning moviegoer in search of the best available moviegoing experience; a place for moviegoers to seek out and share feedback on movie theatres.  The original intention was to regularly review and rate movie theatres, just as food critics review restaurants.  

In the years between this site's conception and its launch, the moviegoing experience deteriorated to the point where many people stopped going.  The reasons most mentioned were high prices, bad movies, onscreen commercials, annoying patrons, and expensive concessions.  

Meanwhile, Home Theatre equipment improved by leaps and bounds.  Bigger, wider screens and digital surround sound, combined with a wide variety of programming from DVDs, Blu-Ray, satellite, cable, video on demand and online rental, are making the home viewing experience preferable to an expensive night out.  If you already have a nice, comfortable setup at home, why go out and pay for a movie?  This is the question most of us face.

A nice theatre can make for a great movie experience.  A theatre that makes you feel you've escaped your everyday world - with fine presentation, a special environment, an ambiance you don't get at home - can make almost any movie a pleasure. 

So our point of view is entirely about a superior moviegoing experience.  We feel the keys are showmanship, theatricality, presentation, finesse, atmosphere, ambiance, and attention to detail.  Some exhibitors make efforts in that direction, and we applaud them for it.

Our criteria: Is the venue worth leaving home to pay for?  Does the building impart a sense of escape from the everyday world?  Is there real value for the price?   Does it make you remember where you saw the picture as well as the picture itself?  We believe in recognizing quality when we find it.

We'll begin with our local cinemas...


Five Star's Exceptional Vista                                                    Disney's Glorious El Capitan