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Originally posted November 2011

It's been far too long since we've seen anything new from them...

On Saturday November 12, 2011, they made a triumphant return with the world premiere of their new movie THE MUPPETS at Disney's El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Where hundreds of lucky guests crowded the green carpet to welcome the stars.

The guests of honor arrived courtesy of cars by event sponsor Chrysler. 

Beloved Original Muppet veteran Rowlf was especially excited to be out riding in a car.

Animal, Fozzie, Rowlf, Gonzo and Kermit with newcomer Walter...

And Sweetums... arrived in front of the theatre...

...Followed by Miss Piggy, who knows how to make an entrance.

Co-Stars present include multitalented Neil Patrick Harris.

Writer/Actor Jason Segel apparently so impressed the photographer that he fell over.  Admittedly a huge Muppet fan, Segel has such a big collection of Muppet memorabilia in his home that Amy Adams told him he would be a single man for life unless he tones it down.  Segel reportedly sent Adams a video in which he sang with Kermit and offered her the role.  At the Premiere, Segel expressed how much respect he gained for the vastly talented puppeteers who perform the Muppets.  Remaining in character between takes, these performers gave the actors plenty of fun moments to remember, including occasionally unrepeatable ad-libs and sight gags.  For some examples of this, check out DVDs of MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL and EMMIT OTTER's JUG BAND CHRISTMAS.

Amy Adams confides Kermit was even more the reason she accepted the role than Jason, but she had to keep that from Miss Piggy, and added how much she also came to admire and respect the puppeteers.

When asked how it felt to be on the green carpet at a World Premiere, Rowlf the Dog said it was nice because he is usually not allowed on a carpet.

Jason and Amy with their Muppet co-stars.

And Neil Patrick Harris, Wendy Schaal, Chris Cooper, Mickey Rooney, Rico Rodriguez and Rashida Jones.

Walter was interviewed with Kermit and Miss Piggy.


And here is the coverage from Muppets Studio.

From the El Capitan's stage box, Statler and Waldorf began heckling even as the curtains opened.

Besides the Muppet characters we've had a warm bond with for decades, this movie has a lot of gratifyingly familiar elements in it.  To begin with, the hugely likeable Jason Segel and Amy Adams bring their fine versatile talents to the cast.  The settings include the same El Capitan Theatre that is hosting the world premiere engagement, plus the stretch of Hollywood Boulevard directly in front of it. Other locations include the studios of the Jim Henson Company (originally built by Charlie Chaplin for his own films, later home of A&M records and many favorite musicians, including The Carpenters) and the very familiar backlot of Warner Brothers Studios (instantly recognizable from movies like THE MUSIC MAN and TV shows like THE WALTONS and GILMORE GIRLS).  On these factors alone, this writer was ready to buy a ticket to the El Cap, the soundtrack CD and the Blu-Ray disc as each became available.

THE MUPPETS ran at the El Capitan from November 23 through January 8, 2011.  Guests were able to view some of Miss Piggy's costumes on display, and join the Muppets in a live Holiday sing along before every show.  As far as we're concerned, Muppets, plus the Holidays at the El Capitan amount to a can't-miss entertainment experience. 

The stage show provided a rare opportunity to see at least a couple Muppets live, and the movie itself turned out to be a total delight, with more laughs than any previous Muppet movie.  The DVD has a fun feature that brings up random acts of Muppet fun when pause is pressed.  (this feature can also be disabled so one may freeze frame the film at will).  This new Muppets movie has a valued place in this writer's library, along with other Muppet favorites like the beloved Emmit Otter's Jug Band Christmas and Muppet family Christmas, the brilliantly clever Dinosaurs series and the original Muppet Show.  We look forward to getting the classic Muppets Christmas Carol on Blu Ray this fall, hopefully with the complete film in its original aspect ratio.

Speaking of the Holidays, here are some Muppet musicians to set the mood...

Video by Muppet Studios.

It's exciting to see a new Muppet movie coming out, even though it is a little unsettling not to see the usual creative names attached.  While we wish the best for Disney's new direction of the Muppets, we especially hope these beloved characters retain all the special elements from their originators at the Jim Henson Company.

Disney Presents THE MUPPETS

Enjoyed the movie at the Glorious El Capitan.  Recommend the movie on Disney Blu Ray and DVD.

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- TJ Edwards

Images courtesy of Disney and Muppet Studios