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After the Fox!

One of the challenges of running a website is trying to make it look as good as possible.  The site is run on a Mac, which is set up with two browsers: Mac's native Safari, and Firefox, which we use to see how the site may look on non-Mac systems. 

On Safari, we see the site come up looking almost exactly the way it's designed, but since Firefox put out it's newest version, the site looks less balanced or symmetrical there.  Firefox seems to be putting in unnecessary extra spaces in the text, making our best efforts look lop-sided and blown apart.  The tell-tale sign here is that the bottom line of our navigation menus don't line up with the others above it in Firefox.  On this page, "glossary" sticks out instead of lining up under "events."

We're interested in hearing from Mac and non-Mac users about how the site looks on their screens.  If things seem unbalanced and the menu items don't line-up, please let us know what kind of computer, browser, and version you're using.

And of course we are always interested in hearing from volunteers who could help fix up these things!


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